Valliere Air Conditioning and Heating Installs & Services most AC Brands

Valliere Air Conditioning and Heating provides air conditioner repair or new installation of air conditioning units to the Houston Metro and surrounding areas.

Don’t wait till the hot SUMMER heat arrives, if you have an older unit that breaks down a lot, consider replacing it now with an efficient unit.

It is amazing, the newer more efficient units can save up to 60% on the utility build. If your unit is ten years are older, installing a new high-efficiency cooling system can actually pay for itself in energy savings within a relatively short time.

When need a spring tuneup, repair or when you’re ready for a new air conditioner unit let a Valliere Air Conditioning and Heating technician evaluate your home, your comfort preferences, and your budget. We’ll also address issues like allergies and indoor air quality in determining which air conditioner perfectly matches your home and your lifestyle.

We offer a complete line of energy efficient air conditioners featuring advanced technology to deliver long lasting comfort and impressive energy savings.

Call Valliere Air Conditioning and Heating at 281-356-3311 today and let us take care of your AC Repair & Air Conditioning problems! We’ll handle it and make it easy for you!